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Relative Home Assessment Services (RHAS) is centered on the state of California’s Resource Family Approval (RFA) Program, which combines and streamlines elements of foster parent licensing, relative approval, adoption and guardianship processes. Guardians of Love’s RHAS program provides rapid, comprehensive services to relatives and non-related extended family members (NREFMs) residing in the West and South Los Angeles regions.

Our kinship program helps

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Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun
Foster Kinship Placement
29% Stat
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29% of the children in the foster care system are

living in a relative's home.

When a child is placed within the foster system, typically biological family or kinship placement is sought for them. What many people don’t realize is that a kinship placement does not always have to be a relative.

Sometimes kinship care can be provided by a close family friend or a child’s teacher, for example. Anyone who has a relationship with the child and his or her family can be considered a kinship placement.

Support for Caregivers
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minimizing childhood Trauma

The best place for a child

is in the home with family

With emphasis on maintaining and strengthening familial and established bonds, our RHAS program aims to support caregivers throughout their approval and renewal processes by providing quality, supportive services and resources. Evidenced by children thriving best in familiar environments, Guardians of Love is a proponent of providing children the greatest opportunity for successful outcomes.

Through educational training and in-home support, our staff members strive to efficiently prepare caregivers with the foundational skills and tools needed to become committed Resource Parents. Contact us today for more information on how you can help a child in need!

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