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Your generous donations allow us to lead the way to find more safe, loving, lifelong homes for children in the State of California -- changing the trajectory of their lives and improving their chances of becoming successful, contributing members of our communities.

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While placing agencies cover a child's basic necessities, there are tons of additional resources that can enhance a child's out of home care placement. The "gap services" Guardians of Love offers below just wouldn't be possible without sponsorships and donations from people like you.

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life university PROGRAM

Every year approximately 20,000 youth emancipate from foster care. When foster children turn 18 they are are no longer eligible to receive foster care and for the most part on their own. Guardians of Love is committed to providing our children with the skills they need to transition into adulthood and to help them develop solid plans for income, housing, and support before they are released into the world.


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Our therapeutic services include out-of-home care by foster parents with specialized training to care for a wide variety of children and adolescents, usually those with significant emotional, behavioral, or social issues or medical needs. This additional level of  care is designed to provide safe and nurturing care to a child or youth in a more structured home environment than typical foster care, and it can be a cost-effective alternative to residential treatment.

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csecy PROGRAMs

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth (CSECY)  is defined as sexual abuse of a minor for economic gain. It involves physical abuse, pornography, prostitution and the smuggling of children for unlawful purposes. Guardians of Love CSEC programs are aimed at spreading awareness and increasing prevention as well intervention to the innocent who are being targeted by traffickers.

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Every person related to a child in the foster care system has unique needs. Kinship caregivers can benefit from information on the child welfare system and the financial, legal, and other supportive services available to them. Our courses are designed to help teach parents various methods for creating a safe environment, encouraging child cooperation, using behavioral contingencies, strategies for self-regulation, effective limit setting, and balancing encouragement and limits. 

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For most children, Halloween is the beginning of a much anticipated holiday season. For children in the foster care system however, this can be a stressful time filled with feelings of sadness, uncertainty and anxiety. For many foster youths, Halloween marks the start to a holiday season they’ll spend
separated from their biological families. While we have no control over who enters the foster care system, we are dedicated to positively impacting the way they experience it!

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The holiday season is a time of wonder and excitement when memories are made, and love is shared. Yet, for so many children in the foster care system, it is a reminder that they are separated from their parents and family. You can help a child in foster care have a truly Merry Christmas by “adopting” a child during the holiday season. Our "Adopt a Child/Family" program helps provide those in need with food, toys, clothing and most importantly; hope. Your gift, large or small, makes a difference to them all!

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Involvement in extracurricular activities can be a transformative experience for kids in foster care, and gives youth the chance to meet new friends, coaches and mentors. Donations to our extra-curricular programs helps pay for these essential childhood experiences for kids in foster care.  Any single activity has the ability to change the course of a child's life by providing them with the chance top  improve their physical, emotional and mental health, as well as develop important life-long skills.

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